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Rejection is Part of the Business?

Tired of hearing that yet? My line of work, all three aspects of what I do focus heavily on trying-out (Auditioning) or submitting work and being either accepted or rejected. That doesn’t make it any easier, and putting myself out there in three categories sure as heck doesn’t make it any more enjoyable. Putting myself out there does, however, not to sound corny, but keep myself grounded, my heart open, and vulnerable.

Vulnerable you say? Yes vulnerable, I honestly believe next to creativity, the ability to be vulnerable authentically is one of the most important traits or attributes of an artist of any kind. Imagine a song that just doesn’t “feel” or falls flat, or a painting that is technically sound but lacks something; that, THAT soul, or special something that is missing could very well be the lack of vulnerability and the artist being able to open their heart, even with all the risks, open their heart and express their feelings.

So yes, trying out, auditioning, submitting your work for review (or a job) of any kind can be painful, but the rewards are insurmountably more. That one moment that your art is heard, seen, felt, or experienced to the point of moving someone, ah, that’s the stuff! That is the good stuff right there that drives me, at least, to continue. As a designer, specifically, this opens me up to new ideas, fresh takes and hopefully clear, fantastic art for the client. I am not afraid of rejection, because with feedback comes improvement, and putting our heads together we will get amazing results.

Send an artist some love today, tell them how amazing they are…. that will be so inspiring for you and for them.

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