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Hi, I’m Dave. . . Nice to meet you!

This website encompasses my graphic portfolio, music and other artistic ventures. Dave Finch Design has over fifteen years experience, from logos and branding to apparel design and collateral. This website will also give you a glimpse of my released music and performances as well as a window into my life. I hope you take a look around.

Besides being a graphic designer, I’m a husband, a father of two, cancer survivor, a musician, actor and a writer. I grew up in Central Oregon, moved back to this area from Portland in 2000. I’m an avid baseball fan, go Red Sox! I am a supporter of Bend North Little League, Bend Senior High School, live music and local theater. I have been the Music Director at Unity Community of Central Oregon for over 20 years, this inclusive and loving community inspires me weekly. My wife Colinda and I love being around the beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers of this area, it truly is home to us.

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